Geof Syphers is the Chief Sustainability Officer at Codding Enterprises, developer of Sonoma Mountain Village, a One Planet Communities development in Rohnert Park, California that aims to be close to net zero…as a village!

We’ve written about Sonoma Mountain Village (SOMO) before.  Click here to review that post. Now, as an Earth Day special, please enjoy the interview I conducted with Geof a few days ago.  Click here for the full text, or just click on the “Interviews” tab at the top of this page.

The thing that makes the interview so relevant to Earth Day is SOMO is a One Planet Community.  This means that if every community on the planet lived like the residents in SOMO, we would only use the resources available on one Earth.  As it stands now, if everyone on the planet lived like the rest of the United States, we would need multiple Earths to support our lifestyle! (Click here to take a fun, albiet non-scientific, quiz to check your sustainability footprint).

So, Geof, and the group at Codding are onto something.  Enjoy the information in the interview, and have a great Earth Day!

The California Green Building Blog is proud to post our first interview.  Visit the “Interviews” page for all of the text.  The interview is with California Assembly Member Jared Huffman (6th Assembly District), sponsor of Assembly Bill 1920.  For further information on AB 1920 visit our post on the proposed legislation (Click Here).

Assembly Member Huffman joined the California Legislature in November 2006.  Prior to his service in State office, Assembly Member Huffman was Senior Attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and served on the board of the Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD).  He served for 12 years on the MMWD including three terms as Board President.

He lists  as some of his top priorities, preserving our natural resources; fighting global warming while building the California economy by investing in clean new technologies; and promoting sustainable land use and transportation policies. 

For more information on Assembly Member Huffman and his initiatives, visit his website (Click Here).


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